The Mosaic Economic Project

The Mosaic Economic Project brings together a network of diverse women who are experts in economics and technology – fields where women’s perspectives are grossly underrepresented. We train, connect, host and advocate for the network’s participation in meaningful policy influencing conversations, with a particular focus on Congress and the media. 

The Problem

The same handful of well-known economists and experts dominate economic policy conversations before Congress and with the media. These experts tend to be mostly male and mostly white. In turn, critical economic policy often lacks critical diverse perspectives. The need to include a broader set of voices is crucial in normal times but is especially acute today. It is essential to make sure the voices of women, and particularly women of color, are not left out of recovery conversations.

Policy Agenda 

We engage participants who are experts in economics and technology. These policy areas carry considerable weight in today’s world and are fields where BIPOC and White women are historically underrepresented. 

The Mosaic Economic Network Program

Advisory Board: The Advisory Board is a group of diverse, highly accomplished professionals with significant experience in Mosaic areas of focus: economics, technology. The Advisory Board helps to inform strategy, drive program, mentor project participants, and connect participants to policymakers and the media. 

Changing Policy Workshop: The Mosaic Economic Project offers all participants skills-building workshops, led by seasoned communications professionals, in talking to the media, testifying before policymakers, engaging the policy arena, and building a brand.

Connection to Network of Policy Makers & the Media: Once through the workshop, participants will be connected directly with opportunities to use their policy expertise before policymakers and in the media. 

Featured at PPI Policy Roundtables & Events: PPI hosts a series of well-promoted policy roundtables and events throughout the year. Mosaic participants will have the opportunity to participate in substantive discussions in their area of expertise along with other established professionals in the field. 

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Who Should Apply

Mosaic participants are BIPOC and White women, with subject matter expertise in economics, finance, technology, telecom and corporate governance. Applicants should be well established in their careers – be it at a corporation, academic institution or NGO – and be looking for opportunities to grow their influence and positively impact change on critical issues, from the wealth gap to health care. 

Mosaic Cohort #2: March 2021 APPLICATIONS OPEN NOW

The second Changing Policy Workshop is scheduled from March 29th through March 31st. The training will be conducted over Zoom beginning with a virtual Happy Hour with accepted participants and members of the Advisory Board. The deadline for applying for this training is March 19, 2021. All applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply at this link.

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